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About us

Energofor’s history

Energofor is a company founded in the year of 2000, gathering a valuable team of specialists who offer design and engineering services for pressure equipment for the ISCIR regulated area – repairing services, expertise, evaluations and approvals for pressure equipment and installations – as well as design for thermal power plants.

The services offered by Energofor are based on a wide, proven and important experience gained during the company’s activity and from the successfully completed projects and services provided, all these performed in order to meet the highest international standards in all aspects.

Following the latest global trends, Energofor’s development strategy is to offer a complex range  of professional and high-quality solutions and services for the electricity and heat generation sector as well as for the industrial and petrochemical sector. Sustainable development is a principle that underlies our company.


Energofor’s mission is to deliver projects and works of the highest quality, ensuring professionalism, innovation and complete safety.



We want to become a market leader in the segment in which we operate, delivering complex projects and solutions of the highest quality.



Based on the experience of over 20 years in the field, we are in a continuous process of improvement and we aim to become market leaders.



The Energofor team of specialists aims to deliver all works aligned to the highest standards of quality, professionalism and safety.


Energofor began its activity by carrying out expertise, repairs, design and installation services of thermal and electrical installations in ISCIR regulated areas at a time when the market was in an acute stage of demand for modernization and improvement of chemical and energy production units and closing, decommissioning and establishing of newer, more modern and more efficient units than what the market was offering at the time. In time, the increase in demand on this market has determined the expansion of the Energofor team of specialists as well as obtaining of numerous certifications and extremely important and valuable authorizations in the field. Through them, we managed to successfully develop a valuable department of design, assembly and technological engineering for the execution of works in the field of industrial energy installations. Currently, Energofor is in a continuous process of development and evolution, its main objectives being the attraction of new investors in projects taking place in our country and entering into the entrepreneurial system by identifying and developing new energy objectives based on biomass, wind and solar, taking into account the gaps and the limitation of Romania’s energy potential in terms of energy distribution and transport infrastructure. Energofor is a company with multiple ANRE, ISCIR, ISO and TUV accreditations and certificates obtained during the activity in the field, among which we can mention: ANRE type C1A, C2A and type B certificates for design and execution of electrical, overhead or underground lines, with nominal voltages of 0.4 kV ÷ 20 kV, transformer substations with a maximum rated voltage of not more than 20 kV, medium voltage stations as well as the medium voltage electrical part of high voltage stations. ISCIR certification for the design and manufacture of pressure equipment in accordance with the provisions of Directive 97/23/EC, Module G (HG 584/2004). ISCIR certifications authorizing maintenance works by chemical washing on steam boilers and hot water boilers, installation and repair works on steam boilers and hot water boilers, installation and repair works on metal pipes for fluids, works on opening-closing inspection of safety devices, installation and repair work on hot water boilers and low-pressure steam boilers, installation and repair work on metal steam pipes and hot water pipes, installation, commissioning, repair and maintenance of combustion plants and automation systems for boilers and automation systems for thermal power plants, repair work on pressure-stable metal containers, installation and repair work on railless cranes rolling stock and with running rails and last but not least, technical checks in use for investigations/technical examinations for stable metal pressure vessels.

ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 45001:2018 certifications for architectural and engineering activities in constructions and related technical consultancy services, sanitary installation works, building constructions and engineering works, design and installation of thermal installations, technological equipment and machinery, natural gas systems and use installations, electrical installation works: execution and design of low and medium voltage electrical installations, including medium voltage substations and the medium voltage electrical part of high voltage substations.

TUV certifications EN1090-1:2009+A1:2011 and EN1090-2:2018, EN ISO 3834-2.